The Monotony of Life

These past few days and months have been monotonous. At times, we wake up to realize, what day is it and what’s the time? Everyday, we wake up, bath, eat, get ready, commute for 20-40 minutes, go to work, work, finish work, spend time with your dog or cat, kids, cook, help your kids with... Continue Reading →


Empathy-The solution to conflict

I listened to a pre-marital counselling conference and the speaker said, “if married couples really understood the concept of empathy, they would be able to resolve marital conflict.” A colleague of mine said her husband and her hardly argue because they can understand how each other would feel, so they do not say something that... Continue Reading →

Unemployment in South Africa

If you have been unemployed and thoughts like "when am I going to have a job?” “Surely, I am a good candidate”, “why aren't companies choosing me?” have entered your mind an innumerable amount of times then this blog post is for you. Being a recent graduate, unemployment has never been such a reality to me and my... Continue Reading →

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